Glimpse + SYFY Digital partner to release augmented reality experiences ahead of season 2 of the hit SYFY series “HAPPY!”

New York, NY, Apr. 5, 2019 -- Happy is your new relentlessly cheerful imaginary friend!

Based on the slightly twisted and slightly heartwarming SYFY series “HAPPY!” in its second season, fans can now use two augmented reality experiences to get a little closer to the series’ lovable characters.

Glimpse has pushed the limits of Facebook’s in-app camera to let users see how they and their friends look donning the iconic seasonal scarf and beat-up appearance of the show’s main character Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), while getting adorable commentary from his flying blue sidekick Happy (voiced by the inimitable Patton Oswalt)!

The “Sax Yourself” Facebook filter offers animations done by the same animation studio responsible for the visual effects on the show (Axis Animation), almost two dozen unique lines recorded by Patton Oswalt, and randomized bumps and bruises along with a virtual scarf to make every fan feel like they are their own Nick Sax.

Sax-Yourself Link:

Fans can also download this season’s update to the award winning HAPPY! AR app on iOS. HAPPY! AR is an augmented reality app that uses the power of Apple’s ARKit technology to bring Happy into your living rooms. The app lets fans customize Happy’s appearance and interact with his upbeat personality. HAPPY! AR has been updated with new seasonal themes and Happy is as fun as ever to play with. He can sing, he can dance, he can make pancakes, he can even poop! Ask Happy questions, play with him, and shoot video of your interactions. You’ll never need to talk to a real friend again!

Happy! AR Link:

Glimpse (AR Glimpse, LLC) is an XR (augmented and virtual reality) company founded in 2014. Glimpse has worked with NBC Universal on several other projects including Happy! Season 1 and Sharknado promotional apps.